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Multiple Hats Mum

To coincide with the launch of Bing Lee into the Victorian market and drive sales throughout a key selling period, Dialogue developed a heartfelt campaign called #multiplehatsmum that tapped into the emotional territory associated with Mother’s Day by encouraging consumers to show their appreciation and gratitude to all the ‘super mums’ wearing multiple hats.

Campaign Objectives:
- Drive noise and attention to Bing Lee via an impactful campaign that targets consumers
- Promote launch into Melbourne by driving leadership credentials as a successful 60-year-old Australian retailer brand
- Generate demand, traffic and sales
- Build brand loyalty and advocacy

Campaign Elements

Microsite to host #Multiple Hats Mum competition and capture first-party data

Wish list generator where mums could select products they wanted to receive

Partnership with ambassador Natalie Bassingthwaighte

National survey looking at the home appliances that Australian mums really want as Mother’s Day

Media relations and social campaign

The Results

Over 14,000,000

total campaign reach

40 pieces of media coverage

across broadcast, print, online and social media

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